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Social Distancing and washing of hands

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Social Distancing and washing of hands
by Sipola Havili Halafihi - Tuesday, 21 April 2020, 12:40 PM

Dear students,

I am very happy to meet you here and wishing that you can access moodle to help you with your studies.

Please may I remind everyone that social distancing is very much appreciated if you closely follow all instructions.With our water tanks outside ,please note that only some we will definitely use for drinking and the others labeled are for washing our hands.Please after lunch or when you are about to go back please we have hand wash at every tank to help you wash your hands.

This is  a preparation of us if corona virus will be in our country to help you safeguard from the disease.Remember I am looking at all rooms from the camera and I can see those who do not obey all these regulations.

Please check our new changes to dates of examination on our website .

Your cooperation is  highly appreciated.

Thank you